Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Our resident mixologist has been at it again. Lori took one look at this recipefrom Food and Wine and said "no way" to the Peach Schnapps. Her fix? More ginger, cloves and apple. The result is a refreshing drink, minus the bite of Schnapps, that speaks to the flavors of fall. In lieu of the obligatory bottle of wine, bring this as a hostess gift...a warm, welcoming thank you.

Adapted from Food and Wine



2 Honeycrisp Apples

1 Bottle un-oaked Chardonnay

1/4 cup Brandy

1/4 cup honey

1 orange 

1 lemon

1 lime

2 cinnamon sticks, plus extra for garnish

1 Tbl dried minced ginger (not powdered) or two 1/4" pieces fresh ginger

6 cloves

2 Tbl granulated sugar

1/2 tsp Vietnamese Cinnamon

Club Soda



Core and chop one of the apples. Slice the orange, lemon and lime, reserving four slices of each for garnish. In a bowl, combine the Chardonnay, brandy and honey. Add the chopped apple, citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, ginger and cloves to the Chardonnay mixture. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours to allow liquid and fruit-citrus-spice mixture to steep.

Strain the sangria into a pitcher. Slice the remaining apple, reserving half to garnish the glasses. Add half the sliced apple and reserved citrus slices to the pitcher. Add two cinnamon sticks.

On a small plate, blend the sugar and cinnamon. Moisten the rims of wine glasses and dip in the cinnamon sugar to coat. Fill the glasses with ice. Pour in the sangria until three-quarters full. Top with a splash of club soda. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

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