There's nothing better than Sunday Roast Chicken with its juicy interior and crispy exterior. The method we turn to for the best results is the Zuni Cafe method. This simple technique is also known as dry brining and works well on Whole Roast Chicken or pieces. We love this method for Chicken Legs! 

Dry brining results in very crispy skin and delectable flavor. You can use this technique on a whole turkey, or like we did here on a turkey breast. In less than two hours, you'll have a beautifully browned turkey breast and very happy guests.

Dry Brined Roast Chicken

The credit for this technique goes to the late Judy Rodgers--chef and owner of Zuni Kitchen in San Francisco. Rodgers developed this technique which she called "early salting." In essence it's a dry brining technique that involves air drying the chicken. This is an important step...

Drumsticks are an affordable grilling option. They're a crowd-pleaser--kids and adults alike! These legs benefit from drying time in the chilly air of the refrigerator. This "dry brining" along with the salt and spices in the Righteous Rib Rub help yield a super crispy skin. The sweet-savory flavor along with the satisfying crunch will have your guests coming back for seconds...maybe thirds!

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