Smidgen S2 Ep6: Just a DASH of Salt

Lots of customers discover Red Stick Spice Company after being given the directive to reduce salt consumption. What better place than our shop to reduce salt without losing flavor? We also hear talk of the DASH Diet—a little bit “Baton Rouge famous” due to research and development at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. To learn more, we’re joined by Renee Puyau, Registered Dietician at Pennington. Renee explains how DASH was originally developed for hypertension, but also supports other health benefits, too. Since DASH is fruit and veggie heavy, Renee gives lots of tips for how to get more servings into each day. (Friendly reminder: this episode is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice.)

Host and Owner of Red Stick Spice Company Anne Milneck takes what she learns from Renee into the Test Kitchen to make a flavorful chicken cutlet using Zahtar. The salt is scant but the taste is plentiful due to Zahtar’s distinct zing—sumac, sesame seeds, and citrus zest come together for a bright flavor that will keep you from missing the salt. The Zahtar chicken is topped with a lush green parsley salad (get those veggies in!) making for a DASH-friendly, quick to prepare dinner.

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