Smidgen S2, E4 Make Your Own Jams & Jellies

A large pot, the smell of sugar and fruit (and maybe some peppers) filling the air, plus stirring—lots and lots of stirring. Homemade jams, jellies and preserves are all the rage. Our friend Ashley Andermann of Grinning Jupiter Jammery joins host Anne Milneck to talk about confidently making jams and jellies at home. In the Smidgen cooking segment, Ashley and Anne head to the Red Stick Spice Company Test Kitchen to make a batch of must-have blackberry pepper jelly.

Ashley shares how most people already have the necessary equipment in their kitchens to start jamming, and gives tips for getting a good batch (without worrying about food borne illness or spoilage.) By the end of the episode, we hope you will have the know-how and facts that will set you up for water bath canning success.

Jams and jellies from scratch make fabulous gifts and are the perfect solution to a bumper crop in your garden (or in your neighbor’s garden as Anne illustrates from her confession of fruit theft.) Ashley forages for much of her ingredients, showing how canning can be a sustainability effort, tracing the history of this activity that has become popular again.

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