Smidgen Podcast Episode 005: From Your Public Library to Your Kitchen, Let's Cook the Book

Question: Can your public library make you a better cook? Answer: Absolutely, yes! In this episode, we take a different look at “cooking the books.” While there are cookbooks among the shelves, checking out a book is only the beginning of how the public library can help the home cook. To offer more proof, we bring Mary Stein, Assistant Director of East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries on the podcast to talk all things books, e-books, digital courses and events. Mary arrived in character with a cartful of books to prove the point that when it comes to learning to cook, your public library is the place to start.

After talking with Mary, Anne heads to the Red Stick Spice test kitchen with store staffer Cameron to bake up a scrumptious Salted Dark Chocolate Cake.

Get the full shopping list for this recipe here: 

Here’s a list of the links we mentioned in the podcast:

  • First up, do you have a library card? For our friends in Baton Rouge, stop by any East Baton Rouge Parish Libraryand become a card holder. The same goes for our friends throughout the country: get yourself to your local library! When you do, a world of FREE information opens up to you.
  • Anne was intrigued by the free digital offerings for the home cook including Gale courses and access to historical recipes from The Advocate and the Times Picayune.
  • You can find the recipe for Anne’s mom’s (a former librarian) Library Punch (not to be confused with PTA Punch or Funeral Punch.) Anne found the recipe among her mother’s typed 3X5 index cards.
  • Cameron and Anne head to the test kitchen to bake up Salted Dark Chocoalte Cake. Anne, who avoids baking at all costs, becomes distracted and forgets to salt the top of the cake. Instead, she decides it should be covered in sprinkles. Either way, you should definitely make this cake. If you decide to salt it, we recommend Cyprus Flake Salt for a nice crunch to accompany the velvety, smooth chocolate.
  • Anne talks about her new, favorite book for the kitchen: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. She considers it her new Joy of Cooking and recommends it to all home cook


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