Smidgen Podcast Episode 003: The Power of an Incredible Teacher

We all remember our favorite teachers. After you hear Anne’s interview with Marcelle Bienvenu, you’ll understand why she’s Anne’s all-time favorite teacher. Marcelle Bienvenu’s resume is lengthy: Times Picayune food writer, cookbook writer and editor for several culinary greats including Emeril Lagasse, plus she’s penned several cookbooks of her own. Marcelle is also an instructor at John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University. Listen as Anne and Marcelle unravel the complex tapestry of Cajun Creole Cuisine.


After talking with our guests, Anne heads to the Red Stick Spice test kitchen with store staffer Sara and cook up a skillet of Corn Creole. 

Here’s a list of the links we mentioned in the podcast:

  • Marcelle and Anne chatted about Emeril Lagasse’s 1996 cookbook Louisiana Real & Rustic and that it’s a great collection of Louisiana home cooking recipes.
  • Check out all of Marcelle’s books on Amazon. Be sure to grab copies of Anne’s favorites: the Who’s Your Mama series of cookbooks.
  • Read about Marcelle’s preservation work with her Cooking Up a Storm This one is a must for all food lovers, especially those who were fans of the Times Picayune Thursday food section.
  • If you’re ready to dig into the history of Cajun cuisine, grab a copy of Stir the Pot. This book is used as a curriculum text at John Folse Culinary Institute.
  • Be sure to make a reservation at Bistro Ruth, the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute run restaurant that Marcelle talked about on the podcast.
  • Anne & Sara head to the test kitchen to cook up Corn Creole. This very simple recipe is anything but simple when it comes to flavor. This dish includes our lower-salt Cajun-Creole spice blend called The Stuff. Corn Creole is a staple on Anne’s Thanksgiving table, and it’s also a must at the height of summertime corn season. This dish is comfort in a cast iron.
  • Considering culinary schools? Be sure to look into the program at Nicholls State University. The John Folse Culinary Institute offers a very competitive program that’s a bargain when it comes to tuition—trust us. Anne’s an alum.
  • Sara, our test kitchen sidekick, is also a professional organizer. You can find her over at South Coast Organizers


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