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What do we bring? When there’s a happy occasion like a new baby or a solemn passing like losing a loved one the time-honored tradition of bringing food to our friends and family is a tangible way to show our care and concern. However, there are lots of food handling practices that come into play when we’re cooking for others. Our inspiration question comes from Terry (after experiencing the digital magazine Pathway) and to help properly answer, Smidgen host and owner of Red Stick Spice Company Anne Milneck brings on  Dr. Wenqing “Wennie” Xu to discuss food handling practices that every home cook can learn and use right away. 

After an information-packed (and fun!) session with Wennie, Anne pulls on friend and professional organizer Sara Landry West of South Coast Organizers to deal with a current trend—do we bring and leave a dish when bringing someone food? Do we use disposables? How does a professional organizer take on this topic—to pyrex or not to pyrex, that is the question (and Smidgen has the answer.)

Finally, Anne gets to the kitchen to make  cassoulet (classic, comforting, delicious) and a 15 minute/5 ingredient  salted butterscotch sauce that can top ice cream for a refreshing, sumptuous treat—both would be welcome to let someone know you’re thinking of them. 

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