Gluten-Free Baking Inspiration

Baking gluten-free is a bear, even for experienced bakers. A lot of the usual rules don’t apply and gluten-free baking has tons of methods and practices that bakers need to know before they can achieve “GF” baking success. We get this episode’s question from  Connie, who knows her way around an oven; she simply had disaster after disaster trying to bake gluten-free. To help Connie out, Smidgen host (and infamous non-baker)  Anne Milneck brings on  Kelly Courson of to get into some of the ways bakers can make beautiful and delicious baked goods, and to share some of the factors that go into successful gluten-free baking. 

If you want to make delectable goodies for your friends or family that forgo gluten, in this episode you’ll learn about several key ingredients every GF bakers need to know; you’ll have cookbooks and recipes that are kitchen-tested; you’ll be connected to mixes that are specially formulated for the home cook. 

To top off all this valuable information, Anne heads into the Red Stick Spice Company teaching kitchen—with some help from  friend of the shop Kayla and  bakes a classic birthday cake, complete with rainbow sprinkles

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