Five Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen

We’ve all said it: we don’t want more “stuff” and we want to keep our Holiday budget intact. But we also don’t want to go empty handed to our friend’s house this season. Anne Milneck—chef and owner of Red Stick Spice Company has a delicious solution on this episode of Smidgen. Have fun and a joyful kitchen as you make these 5 wonderful gifts from your kitchen to share with the people you love.

What are the best homemade Christmas gifts?

From scratch granola, shortbread, sumptuous dessert sauces, savory quick pickles, and comforting quick breads are recommended gifts—Anne wrote a blog post highlighting each of these most-wanted hostess gifts. Read the blog post here.

- Bonus! Anne has some ideas about gifts to give to your favorite home cook, too!

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