Cockeyed Farms Creamed Honey

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Meet Cockeyed Farms - a Louisiana based elderberry farm with lots of bees entrusted on the farm to keep the elderberries blooming and growing.

Only about 2% of elderberry products sold in the USA are actually grown in the United States. European Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is good, but scientific data proves that American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) is better.

All that hard work Cockeyed Farms bees put in results in this really sweet treat: Creamed Honey. Creamed honey is raw honey that has been stirred in a controlled way to form a fine granulation. Creamed honey is NOT temperature treated and NOTHING is removed. It is simply stirred to create a creamy texture. Use creamed honey to enhance your morning smoothie or cereal. It's an excellent accompaniment on a charcuterie board. Use it as your sweetener for coffee or tea.

Honey does not need to be refrigerated but to keep Cockeyed Farm's Creamed Honey’s “creaminess” we suggest storing it in a cool place during warm weather. 

Choose from three varieties of Cockeyed Farms Creamed Honey:
Classic Creamed Honey
Stir this delicious honey into coffee or tea. Enjoy it on yogurt or oatmeal. Eat creamed honey just as you would traditional honey. 8 oz jar. Ingredients: honey

Elderberry Creamed Honey
Freeze dried organic elderberries are added to Cockeyed Farms creamed honey. A beneficial treat and addition to your daily routine. 8 oz jar. Ingredients: honey, freeze dried elderberries

Blueberry Creamed Honey
Cockeyed Farms freeze-dries organic blueberries and combines this with super smooth creamed honey. A treat for biscuits or toast. 8 oz jar. Ingredients: honey, freeze dried blueberries

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