Milk Street Cooking School Partner Location

Big changes are underway at Red Stick Spice Company and our cooking classes have received a makeover. Chef and store owner Anne traveled to Boston to certify at Christopher Kimball's famed 177 Milk Street.

Christopher Kimball is a chef, editor, publisher and radio/TV personality. His Milk Street Cooking School is part classroom and part playground and is committed to changing the way we cook. Anne learned the Milk Street Way and has brought this philosophy home from Boston to Baton Rouge.

Anne, along with kitchen shop owners from across the country, learned the thinking behind Milk Street's curriculums and recipes. Red Stick Spice Company will now be teaching Milk Street’s simple, bold recipes as a launching pad. The techniques, ingredients, flavors and cooking theory are a holistic approach that will lead you to kitchen confidence. When you learn the Milk Street way, it's more than following a recipe. You learn why a recipe works. Join us for a Milk Street Partner Location class!


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