The Japanese Pantry - Nori - Zenkei (Full Sheet) - 10

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Founded over 90 years ago, Motoi Nori is a nori supplier located in Ibaraki City near Osaka. They provide The Japanese Pantry with nori grown and harvested in the Ariake Sea, in northern Kyushu Prefecture.

This wonderful nori was grown in the Ariake Sea, known in Japan for producing the highest quality nori. It is then roasted by Motoi Nori, who is known for their expertise in sourcing and roasting. It has a wonderful crispy texture and superb sea flavor that finishes with a nice, deep toasted tea/rice flavor.

Use this nori for sushi, on salads or as a snack. Each package contains 10 full sheets of nori. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Seal the opening edge, then store in the refrigerator after opening. For optimal flavor and texture, consume as quickly as possible once opened, preferably at one meal.

Note: this package contains a small mosture-absorbing packet that is not edible. 

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