Smoked Serrano Chile Powder

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Serrano peppers are a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine. These vibrant peppers are known for their medium heat and citrusy flavor. Smoked Serrano Chile Powder is made by slow smoking the Serrano pepper and grinding it into a distinctive powder that brings a unique blend of heat and smokiness. With a Scoville rating ranging from 10,000 to 23,000 units, it provides a moderate to hot heat level.

We love flavorful Smoked Serrano Chile Powder in salsas, sauces and rubs. Its smoky aroma and intense flavor profile make it a must for grilling. We love making a spicy, smoky aioli by stirring it into mayo - a great dipping sauce for fries and wings! 

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Ingredients: Smoked Serrano Peppers

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