Pu Ehr Tea Tuo Cha

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Conveniently packaged fermented pu ehr tea cakes from the Yunnan Provence of China. A great after-dinner tea. Often used as a digestive.

While it often gets lumped into the black tea category, Pu Ehr is its own category and a truly fermented tea. The term "fermentation" comes up often in tea lingo; however, the only truly fermented tea with all the benefits that fermented foods deliver is Pu Ehr tea. We love this tea for its rich, complex notes of smoke, chocolate and mushrooms.

These tea cakes are re-steepable. We first add hot water to the cake and allow it to unfurl then quickly pour off the water. Pour more hot water over the leaves, steep and enjoy. We re-steep these little gems at least 3 times. A great bang for your tea-buying buck! This tea is a must for tea enthusiasts.

Pu Ehr Tuo Cha Tea Cake. Contains Caffeine. Pour off first steeping water. Steep 3-5 minutes with water just under the boil: 195°F

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