Pu Ehr Tea Cakes

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Experience the unique flavor of fermented and aged pu ehr tea cakes. As the tea cakes age, they develop a rich and complex flavor profile that is sought after by tea connoisseurs. Enjoy the benefits of pu ehr tea's high antioxidant content while sipping on this prized delicacy.

While it often gets lumped into the black tea category, Pu Ehr is its own category and a truly fermented tea. The term "fermentation" comes up often in tea lingo; however, the only truly fermented tea with all the benefits that fermented foods deliver is Pu Ehr tea. 

Limited Edition 3 oz (85g) tea cakes:
Ai Lao Shan Spring 2016 and Spring 2017
Ai Lao area, aka Wang Jia village, sits at an altitude of 2200 meters making Ai Lao some of the highest altitude pu-erh in existence. The 200 year old trees on steep hillsides and ridges produce pu ehr that is fruity and woody with notes of apricot and incense. This tea has a tangy bite.

Yi Wu "Rooster" Spring 2017
These tea leaves, grown in the Yi Wu region were wet piled for 42 days. This light fermentation wet piling process helps preserve the green character of the leaf. This slow-aged tea has lots of graceful character. Sweet and mellow with a longlasting mouthfeel.

Bu Lang Shan Spring 2016
This tea is the first flush from Spring 2016 from north of the Bu Lang mountains near  Myanmar-Yunnan border. This pu ehr has subtle, pleasant bitterness that is longlasting while not being harsh or overpowering. 

Nan Nuo Shan "Monkey" Spring 2016 and "Rooster" Spring 2017
Sundried and fermented, leaves from the Nan Nou mountain region trees produce tea with camphor, eucalyptus and sugarcane notes. These teas seem youthful and sweet despite their age. There is a nice earthy, bitter to contrast and an overall strong mouth-feel.

How to cut Pu Ehr Cakes:

  1. Place the tea cake flat on a surface. 
  2. Using a sharp paring knife, press the tip of the knife horizontally into the center of the cake to work to split it and lift hunks from the cake. Do not press the knife straight down into the tea cake. Resist the urge to bang it on the counter or rip it apart with your hands. Note: tea needles are traditionally used - some people have success using a clean knitting needle.
  3. Split and break off pieces of tea. The pieces should have jagged edges and crumbling pieces. You are not looking to cut crisp, straight lines. 
  4. You will need 1 tsp  - about 5 grams or a small mound of tea about the size of a quarter - to steep a cup.  
  5. You can continue splitting and breaking the tea into pieces or you can leave the remaining section of tea cake intact until you're ready to steep a new cup.

How to Store Pu Ehr Cakes:

  1. Whether you choose to store the tea cake in a single piece or in broken pieces, the original wrapping paper makes for great storage. You can also use a piece of parchment paper.
  2. There is no need to seal the tea in an airtight container, tin, jar or zip bag.

How to Steep Pu Ehr Cakes:

  1. You will need 1 tsp  - about 5 grams or a small mound of tea about the size of a quarter - to steep a cup.  
  2. Place the tea in an infuser or sieve. Cover with hot water - 195°F, just under the boil.
  3. Allow to sit for 10 seconds. Pour off and discard the water.
  4. Pour more 195°F water onto the rinsed tea leaves. Steep for 2-4 minutes or until desired flavor and strength.
  5. Re-steep the leaves at least 3 times.

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