Nutmeg - Whole

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Whole nutmeg is the hard, brown seed of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans) that is harvested from the fruit of the tree. The nutmeg tree is native to Indonesia. The fruit produces a seed and that seed is surrounded by a red, lacy membrane called Mace. Whole nutmeg consists of the seed itself, encased in a hard, brown shell.

Add nutmeg at the end of cooking to keep its flavor full. Use it in puddings, eggnogs, spiced wine and baked goods such as muffins and apple pie. It's also wonderful in savory dishes like pasta, sauces, and steamed vegetables. Nutmeg has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with warm, earthy undertones, and it pairs well with other spices like Cinnamon, Cloves and Ginger.

Whole nutmeg has long shelf life, and when stored properly in a cool, dark place, it will retain its flavor and aroma. To use whole nutmeg, grate it with our Nutmeg and Cinnamon Grater to ensure the freshest taste possible! Or grab this fun Danish Nutmeg Grater - a handy piece of art on your countertop!

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