Mortar and Pestles

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Grinding your own whole spices just got easier with Red Stick's collection of gorgeous Mortar and Pestles. These tools are not only useful, they are beautiful--you'll definitely keep these on display in the kitchen!

Choose from several sizes and finishes including granite, marble and porcelain. . These Mortar and Pestles will make quick work of grinding peppercorns, rock salt, whole coriander, fennel and more. Make your own aromatic Indian spice blend in a snap. Grind salt, peppercorns, coriander and sugar for a signature steak rub. The possibilities are endless!

Size & Material Variations:
Marble 3/4 Cup
Marble 1/3 Cup
Porcelain 1/4 Cup Mini
Black Porcelain 1/4 Cup Mini
Black Porcelain 1.5 Cup Large
Black Granite 3/4 Cup

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