Moroccan Preserved Lemons

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Preserved lemons also known as a lemon pickle (fun!), country lemon and leems - so many names for this prized condiment. Beldi Lemons - the word beldi is applied to things that are made with love and care - is the lemon used to make these authentic preserved lemons. Mildly sweet and fragrant, these lemons are grown in Taroudant, Southern Morocco.

Used in North African and Indian cuisines, preserved lemons add an amazing zing to tagines. A zip to grilled seafood. And a punch of sass to chicken. Combine melted butter and a small amount of chopped preserved lemon for a fantastic sauce for pasta.

Scrape out the pulp and rinse to remove the excess salt. Please do save the pulp, you can use it in seafood, soups, and salad dressings. 

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Size: 25oz Glass Jar

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