Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

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Maldon Salt has been hand harvested our since 1882. Loved by chefs and cooks the world over – and sought after by gourmets – these unique pyramid flakes continue to inspire. Chefs and cooks everywhere love the tactile texture of Maldon Salt. 

Maldon's unique process makes the salt low in magnesium, accounting for its intense, concentrated flavor with no bitter aftertaste. Made from the pure waters of Maldon, Essex in England.

The unique pyramid shape is Maldon's trademark and is as distinctive as the taste of the salt itself. These soft, crunchy sea salt flakes contain the perfect balance of minerals with fresh intensity and clean taste.

Smoked Maldon Salt
This flaky and light smoked sea salt is perfect to use as a finishing ingredient on a variety of signature dishes. Natural, subtle smoky flavor enhances your food - doesn’t overpower it. Traditionally smoked over English Oak for days. Very versatile - great on steaks, fish and vegetables. Even on a Bloody Mary!

Maldon Smoked Salt comes in a 4.4 oz box.

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