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Own your recipe! Adventurous chefs and homecooks use pepper purees as an ingredient to add distinctive flavor to everything from BBQ sauces, homemade hot sauces and salsas, elevated marinades for chicken and burgers, spicy beverages and even desserts! 

Ready to eat purees used in hot sauces, dressings, and salsas. It is an ingredient, not a sauce!

Hot Pepper Mash is mashed or ground up hot peppers, which are then fermented both to preserve them and to add flavor. Sauce makers use pepper mash as a base ingredient for hot sauce and many other food products.

Easy and convenient flavor -1-3 teaspoons of puree replaces 1 full pepper and avoids waste, saves time, and ensures even distribution of flavor in the entire dish. 

A flavor for every taste - Each puree is crafted to maintain the highest quality heat, spice and flavor profile of the specific pepper.

Red Habanero Pepper for an intense heat and spice
Cayenne Pepper for a sharp, zesty flavor
Green Jalapeno brings a rich, vegetable flavor
Chipotle pepper for a bold, natural smokiness
Orange Habanero has heat and a distinctly tropical flavor
Ghost Pepper brings a sweet chili flavor and an unmissable heat that kicks in a few seconds after you eat it.

4 oz jar

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Achiote Chicken Taco Bowl

Queso Mac

Red Habanero BBQ Sauce

Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

Orange Habanero Burger

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