Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke

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We get so many questions about liquid smoke. Now, thanks to Lazy Kettle, we have the answer! This all-natural hickory liquid smoke contains no sodium, no soy sauce. Nothing artificial. It's PURE smoke!

This 100% salt-free, concentrated liquid smoke is unique. Lazy Kettle captures the steam rising from burning hickory, it condensates and they capture those droplets of goodness.

Add a few drops to meat before grilling. Just a drop to bean dip adds wonderful flavor. Try it in ketchup for burgers. Great for venison jerky. Add some to your store-bought bbq sauce, marinade, or dressing. Use it whenever a rich, hickory smoke flavor is desired. Liquid smoke is real smoke, and all-natural. Wonderful stuff! 

Ingredients: 100% pure smoke in an aqueous base

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