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Gochugaru Chile Flakes are a staple in Korean cuisine and an important part of traditional cuisine and flavors. These sun-dried, ground Korean red chili flakes are popular with customers, and we use them often in the Teaching Kitchen.

Gochu means chile pepper and garu means powder in Korean. Gochugaru Chile Flakes are a fundamental ingredient in Korean cuisine, particularly in dishes like kimchi and gochujang, a fermented chili paste.

Gochugaru Chile Flakes add a distinctively sweet, smoky, warm and spicy flavor to dishes, along with a vibrant red color. We love them for their slighly sweet note which adds to its complexity. Check out how we use them to create a sweet & spicy dipping sauce for our Korean Lettuce Wraps.

Read all about chiles in our blog all about the Scoville Heat Chart for Chiles.

Ingredients: Korean chile pepper

Suggested Recipes:

Cheese Straws with Gochugaru
Keto Chicken Meatballs with Browned Butter Zoodles & Manchego
Thai Lettuce Wraps
Korean Lettuce Wraps
Pai Huang Gua (Smashed Cucumber Salad)

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