Fresh Catch Box

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Fish, Shellfish, whether you hooked or netted it, we've got you covered with this box. No fish tales here, we've got you covered with 3 tall jars of spice blends perfectly paired for fish and shellfish. Wether you're grilling or making bouillabaisse, this trio of blends will deliver savory flavors and nice kick. Ready for a bonus? Our spice blends move seamlessly from seafood to meat to vegetables. Consider them versatile pantry staples, no matter what you're cooking!

Your gift box will include three hand-packed blends from our Seafood Collection. You'll enjoy traditional flavors such as Lemon Lime Salmon Rub, Cajun Blackening, Chackbay plus other not-so-traditional yet delicious blends from around the globe.

*The photos are examples of our spice blend gift boxes. Spice blend jars will vary.

Check out these recipes using blends from this collection:
Sweet Corn and Shrimp Soup with Smoky Bacon
Spicy Citrus Catfish with Shrimp Mozambique

Orders of 3 or more boxes require 2 days additional processing time.







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