Formosa Oolong

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Formosa means "beautiful" and this is how the Dutch explorers dubbed the Island of Taiwan. This pungent, floral oolong reminds us of a strong black breakfast tea. This is a great intro into Taiwanese oolongs.

Oolongs fall into their own category. While they're often lumped with Green Teas, their semi-oxidized state places them between a black and green tea. This level of semi oxidation means high antioxidant levels. Teas high in antioxidants are linked to positive health outcomes. Oolongs are also a source of nutrients including magnesium, Manganese, potassium, calcium, the vitamins C and K and the amino acid theanine, all in trace amounts. 

Oolong Tea. Moderate caffeine. Steep 1 heaping Tbl 5-7 mins.

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