Fenugreek Seed-Whole

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Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) is a sturdy annual that is native to South Asia and Southeastern Europe. Fenugreek Seeds are a deep golden color with a smooth, hard surface and an angular shape. The Latin meaning of Fenugreek is Greek Hay and it is believed to have been used in dishes from the Mediterranean region.

This spice is primarily associated with Indian cuisine. The Fenugreek Seeds are golden brown with a smooth, hard texture. The seeds must be dry roasted prior to use or they will have a bitter flavor. Suggested Use: Fenugreek Seeds are wonderful when sprouted and used in salads. They are also common in Indian condiments and pickles. Often times the seeds are roasted before grinding and mixing with other companion seasonings. The seeds can also be soaked and cooked like any legume. Preparations: Whole dried seeds should be lightly roasted before using. After roasting, grind the seeds and add to recipe.

Suggested Recipes:

Authentic Masoor Dal

Crawfish Curry

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