FORLIFE Dew Mug with Infuser & Lid 18oz

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Infusers are a must for enjoying our loose leaf teas, and that's why we love this mug! We also love the beautiful Dew Mugs for their generous 18 oz capacity. Now that's a cup of tea!

Enjoy your favorite tea in our largest mug with extra fine stainless steel infuser. The Dew Mug comes in glossy or satin matte finishes. 

  • Removable stainless steel infuser with handle
  • Lid functions as a drip dish for infuser
  • Glossy finish comes with mirror stainless lid
  • Satin finish comes with textured stainless lid
  • Comfortable easy-grip handle

The Dew mug includes an extra-fine 0.3mm hole stainless-steel infuser that's designed to make steeping simple and tidy. This infuser allows you to steep any type of tea from fine Rooibos to large White teas. The mug's lid serves as a holder for the infuser keeping everything mess-free.

18 oz

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