Cobbler & Crisp Mixes

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Our Cobbler and Crisp Mixes are a convenient way to get a warm, satisfying dessert on the table in no time! Melt butter in a baking dish, add fresh or frozen fruit, whisk up the mix and you're on your way to dessert!

Choose from Bourbon Vanilla and Chai Varieties.

We love the Bourbon Vanilla Cobbler Mix for berry and stone fruit. Melt butter in a baking dish and layer in a mixture of fruit - we love blueberries and peaches. Pour the batter over the fruit and bake. This is a delightful dessert, and we love offering it on a brunch table. 

The Chai Cobbler is a must for apples! Make the most of an apple-picking haul with this perfectly-spiced mix. Here's a tip: allow the butter to brown a bit in the oven when melting. You'll see little brown specs in the melted butter - that's the magic. We call it liquid gold. Lay in apple slices and pour the mix over the fruit. Bake and all you need is a spoon. Oh, and ice cream! 


Spiced Apple Crisp

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