Blood Orange Avocado Oil

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Sweet, lively blood oranges combine with avocados to make this delectable oil. Use this for salad dressings, as a finishing drizzle on grilled fish and shrimp or to saute veggies. Avocado Oil has a high smoke point, meaning that it can withstand high grilling and cooking temperatures before it begins to smoke and break down. 

Try using it in our Blood Orange Mole' Chicken. It's made in a slow cooker with our Mole' Spice Blend, so it's both divine and simple!

Check out our delicious Blood Orange-Fig Vinaigrette that combines two of our most popular specialty oils and vinegars! An amazing and light addition to any salad, try adding toasted pecans and blue cheese for a finishing touch.

Love your Blood Orange Avocado Oil so much that you ran out? Bring your bottle back to the shop and we will refill it at a discounted price!


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