Balsamic Chicken Blend

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Rich balsamic vinegar, savory garlic, sweet brown sugar…the perfect combo for this amazing blend. Rub on chicken and grill, bake or sauté for a quick meal that's anything but simple. Use this blend with our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Champagne Pear White Balsamicas a marinade for chicken or pork chops. Drizzle this on warm, crusty bread for an unforgettable dinner accompaniment. 

This blend will transform ordinary chicken thighs into an unforgettable dinner. Balsamic Chicken Thighs will become part of your weeknight repertoire! 

For another unique flavor combo, try our Champagne Pear-Balsamic Dipping Sauce. Balsamic Chicken Blend, Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Champagne Pear Balsamic and brown sugar all combine to make a delectable sauce for bread dipping or marinating.

Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar Powder, White Vinegar Powder, Salt, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Honey, Tomato, Spices

Suggested Recipe:

Balsamic Chicken Thighs

Champagne Pear Balsamic Vinaigrette & Marinade

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