All-Natural Avocado Oil

Long-hailed as a super food, avocados can be found in just about everything- including oil! Our All-Natural Avocado Oil has an extremely high smoke point, meaning that you can cook at higher temperatures than olive oil before the oil begins to smoke and break down. 

Our All-Natural Avocado Oil is unflavored and makes is the perfect choice for any type of grilling, roasting, sauteing or cooking in cast iron. Try drizzling vegetables with Avocado Oil and sprinkle with our Apple Chipotle or Meaux Betta spice blends for a unique flavor that will make you actually want to finish your veggies! Crank up the heat on your grill, because this Avocado Oil can take it!

Love your All-Natural Avocado Oil so much that you ran out? Bring your bottle back to the shop and we will refill it at a discounted price!

Suggested Recipes:

Whole Grain Waffles with Spiced Cane Syrup

Shepherd's Pie

15 Minute Salmon with Spicy Corn Relish

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