Alcohol Free - Pure Almond Flavor

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Our water and glycerin-based Alcohol Free Almond Pure Almond Flavor is perfect for baking. Use Alcohol Free Pure Almond Flavor just as you would traditional Almond Extract. With no alcohol, you can use this rich, sweet flavor in uncooked applications like sauces, whipped cream and your own coffee creamer.

Alcohol free baking extracts, also known as flavorings or emulsions, are made by extracting flavors from natural ingredients using glycerin rather than alcohol. The steeping process extracts its flavor compounds - in this case, almond oil. The steeped liquid is strained, filtered and purified to create a concentrated extract that can be used to flavor baked goods without the use of alcohol.

Incorporate Alcohol Free Pure Almond Flavor into frosting or icing recipes for almond-flavored treats. Fantastic forsmoothies or milkshakes for a nutty flavor boost.Stir right it into coffee, hot chocolate or tea for an almond-flavored beverage.

Ingredients: Glycerin, water, bitter almond oil

4 fl oz

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