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Spices are the foundation of South Louisiana cuisine, and spices are what we’re all about at Red Stick Spice Company. Our memories are anchored in food: the smell of roux ready for a gumbo or the spicy, smoky aroma of smoked sausage in jambalaya. 

We are Louisiana, born and raised. We understand the difference between Cajun and Creole. We believe in family and that a home's heartbeat is found in the kitchen. We think suppertime is where it's at. At Red Stick Spice Company, you won't find foodies. We are home cooks who believe in the power of a home-cooked meal. Whether it's Taco Tuesday or a six-course meal you'll find everything you need to spice it perfectly. 

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Freshness First

What sets us apart? Freshness. Our spices come from around the globe. Our sourcing criteria mantra is fresh, clean, sustainable and fair. Shop with us and you'll find a wide variety of Certified Organic and Fair Trade spices.

If it's unique spice blends you're after, this is the place. We work with spice blending artisans including local farmers and chefs. And many of our products are hand-blended in house. For something completely unique, check out Rougarou. You've never had anything like it. We promise.

Be sure to check out our extensive line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars, gourmet sea salts, extracts and hyper-local Louisiana Products.  

We believe in home cooks.

Our website is bursting with recipes and flavor ideas to help you make mealtime memorable. Red Stick Spice Company owner Anne Milneck is a trained chef who’s happiest when sharing her love for family meals. Every recipe is tested by Anne and her staff. Her goals? Approachable recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and outstanding flavor--oh, and happy plates!

Whether you shop in our store or online, you'll receive the same care, advice, and expertise. Drop by our retail location at 660 Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge, LA or give us a call at 225-930-9967—we are here to help.

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