Micropharms Crunchy Chili Oils

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Is your food ready for a little adventure? Baton Rouge based food artisan Micropharms produces micro greens, kimchi and these delicious Chili Oils.

Micropharms Chili Oils are packed with heat from the chili flakes, toasted aroma from spices and infused in the highest quality olive oil.

Fried Chili Oil is made from the finest Louisiana grown chili peppers and infused with high quality olive oil! Micropharms didn’t waste any time with this one. This baby has been sitting in chili peppers for a LONG time before packaged up for your mouth to enjoy.

Crunchy Garlic Oil
is packed with fried garlic, heat from chili flakes, fried onion, almonds and infused in olive oil and sesame oil. 

Spicy Lemon Oil Needing a lil tang in your life? Maybe a lil spiciness to liven up your mouth? Our spicy lemon oil can do just that! Tang and spice up your day...or food. Up to you. 

100% natural
No preservatives
6 oz jar
Contains Almonds & Peanuts

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