Retro Kitchen Timer

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Tired of buying batteries for your digital timer? Grown weary of having to replace timers because they simply ghost you? Have you dropped your digital timer just a few inches only to watch it break into pieces? Same. We feel you. We've lived it.

We rely on timers every day at Red Stick Spice. From timing the steep time of our hand-blended teas to timing delicious dishes in our Teaching Kitchen, we've gone through our fair share of inexpensive timers. We are constantly on the hunt for a good timer. Well, we found it!

This kitchen classic is the one that our staff loves. This timer’s unique retro design features an attractive, easy-to-read dial face with a colorful painted finish. To operate, simply turn the head and set it to your desired time. Built with sturdy all-steel construction, it features a magnetic back that holds to most metal surfaces- great for use on the oven or fridge. Oh, and did we mention colors. Take a look at these!

  • Steel
  • Magnetic
  • One-year warranty
  • Hand-wash only

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