Tea Forte Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

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Meet Tea Forte's Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection, an exclusive collaboration celebrating design, connection and creativity. This distinct selection of grounding teas is expertly crafted to pay homage to the iconic architect and visionary. From robust classics to spiced warming blends, each tea evokes a connection to nature, beauty, and tradition. 

The Terra 20-ounce sienna stoneware teapot, with gold loose tea infuser, and Terra stoneware teacup showcases one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs etched into the cup's teapot's surface, capturing the essence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design principles and his relationship with nature. Teacup and Teapot sold separately. The teacup purchase is for one cup and one saucer.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Presentation Box contains 20 pyramid infusers, four of each new blend: Ceylon Gold Black Tea, Citrus Earl Grey Black Tea, Oolong Créme, Honey Hojicha Green Tea and Spiced Herbal Maté.

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