New Mexico Chiles, Whole

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Whole dried New Mexico chiles, originating from the American Southwest, are prized for their rich flavor and mild to moderate heat. Grown in the Hatch Valley, these chiles, with their deep red color, boast a fruity taste with dried cherry undertones. Whole New Mexico Chiles add depth to dishes like enchiladas, sauce, and stews.

A staple of New Mexican cuisine, the New Mexico Red Chile is on the mild side with just a touch of crisp, clean heat. We love rehydrating them before use - don't throw out that soaking liquid! Use it to add smoky earthiness to soups, sauces and salsas.

The heat measures at 800-1,400 Scoville Heat Units. Read our blog: The Scoville Heat Chart for Chiles.

5 chiles per bag

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