Crushed Red Pepper

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Crushed Red Pepper, also known as red pepper flakes, is made from dried and crushed red chile peppers. Crushed Red Pepper is a a mixture of chile varieties, like cayenne, jalapeño and serrano. The chiles are dried and then crushed into small, coarse pieces. It can range in heat level from mild to very hot. Our Crushed Red Pepper falls in the moderate range for heat - a nice, warmth with rich, somewhat smoky flavor.

Crushed Red Pepper is widely used as a seasoning. It's often found in shaker jars on the tables of pizza joints. We love Crushed Red Pepper to add heat and flavor to pasta sauce, soups and marinades. One of our favorite ways to use Crushed Red Pepper? Midnight Pasta. Add Crushed Red Pepper along with Olive Oil to a pan and toss in hot pasta. A delicious dish in minutes.

Read all about chiles in our blog all about the Scoville Heat Chart for Chiles.

Ingredients: Chile pepper

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