Bonne Idee Cajun Creole All Purpose Blend

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Bonne Idee Cajun Creole All Purpose Blend - what a good idea!

Incredibly delicious and versatile, that's Bonne Idee! Our Cajun Creole all-purpose blend captures the essence of Louisiana cuisine. Make Bonne Idee a staple in your kitchen. Keep it front and center in your spice rack, or better yet, make it a stoveside staple.

Whether you're making a classic gumbo, a spicy jambalaya, blackened fish, or even just seasoning grilled chicken or vegetables, Bonne Idee will bring big flavor to your recipes. Add some Cajun Creole kick to your kitchen with Bonne Idee! What a good idea!

Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, sugar, paprika, chiles, spices

8 oz Shaker Container


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