Frittata is essentially a crustless quiche. This Italian staple is completely customizable, incredibly easy and totally delicious. Turn to this dish when planning your next brunch, then wait for the accolades. 

We love quiche. It's perfect in any season. This baked egg custard can serve as a last-minute weeknight supper or the fancy centerpiece at a Sunday brunch. Quiche is almost foolproof and takes to just about any ingredients. Bake it in advance, and it's just as good at room temp. You can't go wrong! This quiche makes use of tasso--a long-smoked, highly spiced Cajun meat. But any smoked sausage or bacon will work, too.


Tender, flaky crust and a filling with the right ratio of veggies to egg and cheese--that's the combination for a perfect quiche. And Theresa over at Island Vittles has nailed it. We love this short crust. It's easy to work with and it makes a sturdy base for the hearty quiche filling. Thanks for another keeper, Theresa!


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