It never hurts to have a few chicken salad in your recipe files. They're great for parties, a quick dinner and pack perfectly into lunch boxes. We love how the Ranch Dressing Blend really makes these simple ingredients sing. 

There are many things to love about summer, and peaches are definitely toward the top of the list. This salad is a nice combo of sweet-pungeant-spicy. The peaches, feta and pepper jelly all put their best features forward and the result is delicious. 

We crafted this recipe to include both whole wheat and all purpose flour for a dense, hearty pancake that works well with the sweet bananas and crunchy pecans. Serve with lots of butter and warm syrup.

We love the simplicity of this recipe in terms of preparation. But in terms of taste, it's anything but simple. The honey and rich, roasted pecans are the perfect compliment to the tangy goat...

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