Warm and sweet with a satisfying crumbly crunch, these muffins hit on all the right taste points. This recipe also makes use of Kinloch Pecan Oil which is great for baking--this Louisiana product definitely deserves some space in your pantry.

Churros originated in Spain, hence the name: Spanish Donut. This treat is a fried pastry made from basic Pate a Choux dough. This is the same dough used to make cream puffs and profiteroles. Those are lots of fancy words for a very simple dough. After frying, roll these in cinnamon sugar and dip in chocolate. Fun to make. Even better to eat!

We talk with lots of grill masters and competition-winning BBQ cooks. We've culled their techniques into this recipe that takes hours, not days. The method is a combination of slow and low cooking to tenderize the meat and then a quick sear to crisp up the outside and caramelize the sweet sauce. Serve these and feel like a champion!

Nannan's Lemon Bread 

Lemon desserts are a favorite of Anne's and this bread tops the list. Anne's Aunt Gloria would make loaf after loaf of this bread during the holiday season then freeze them for gifting. This bread is perfect for snacking or for breakfast. A slice of this bread with a hot cup of tea or coffee makes a perfect treat on a cold winter afternoon. We love that this recipe makes use of Louisiana's beautiful citrus. Either Meyer or Ponderosa lemons work well here. DO NOT skip the lemon syrup step…it makes this dish!

Banana bread is one of those "lemonade from lemons" kind of recipes. Bananas that have seen better days are given new life in the form of a warm, sweet bread with a satisfying cinnamon-sugar crunch. Pecan oil takes the place of canola or vegetable oil in this version...

Turkey Burgers have a bad reputation for being dry and flavorless, but we've come up with a version that's anything but. Our Smoked Porcini, Shallot & Mustard Blend delivers the flavor while pecan oil (which is virtually tasteless) adds some healthy moisture to the mix.

This recipe doesn't require much time on the grill. Most of the work is done in the oven, then the ribs are finished on the grill. First, they're dry rubbed with Quebec Beef Spice. This blend is a combo of sugar, garlic, salt, pepper and coriander. It's the coriander that lends a really unique layer to this recipe. The ribs are then finished on the grill with a Pepper Jelly glaze that caramelizes to a sweet-crunchy finish.

While declious, the cream-laden curries and pre-mixed curry powders often found in the United States aren't exactly authentic. But it's also hard to define "authentic" Indian food because cuisine in India is highly regionalized--the cuisine of West Bengal is quite different from that of Punjab. And frankly...

We were recently treated to a lively and entertaining talk on Indian Spices by Sumita Roy, a native of Kolkata, India. We sampled Dal--a tasty and nutritious dish of pink lentils cooked in a fragrant, spicy broth.

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