Marinated Feta with Sundried Tomatoes & Aleppo

We keep a jar of this marinated feta in the fridge at all times. It's a quick cheeseboard addition, excellent on a salad, fantastic folded into pasta and a great topping for hummus. Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent for marinating feta, and we also use to make a humble bowl of pasta into something extra special. And this one will be your go-to for summertime Caprese salads.

8 oz block feta
Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 heaping tsp Tuscan Blend
1 tsp Aleppo Chile Flakes
Fresh basil leaves
Large sprig of fresh rosemary
1 bay leaf
2 sundried tomatoes, slivered

Place a layer of feta in a jar. Add in half the Tuscan Blend, Aleppo Chile Flakes, basil leaves, rosemary, bay leaf and sundried tomatoes. Pour in Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cover. Layer in the remaining feta and add in the remaining Tuscan Blend, Aleppo Flakes, basil, rosemary and sun dried tomatoes.

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