Our Five Fave Blends for Fabulous Burgers

Burgers are always a hit at a tailgate. They're a great way to feed a crowd. Here are our five favorite burger blends to make you the most popular tent in the parking lot!

You will need a 1 ounce packet of blend for every 2 pounds of ground beef. 

Baton Rouge Burger Blend--sweet, savory and very little spice. Perfect for ground chuck. A good choice for kids who don't want spicy heat.

Shitake Shroom Blend--delicious earthy Shitake mushrooms with a bit of kick! This blend is salt-free so you control the sodium.

Bengal Hickory Blend--hickory smoke with a little sweetness and a whole lot of flavor. A great choice for beef. Add onions and sweet bbq sauce!

Cherry Rub--sweet and smoky and the perfect compliment to lean beef or turkey. Add bacon and sharp cheddar to this one!

It's Greek to Me Blend--add this one to lean beef then dress the burger with Tzatziki. Yum! 

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