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Attention, Barefoot Contessa fans—Anne Milneck (Chef and owner of Red Stick Spice Company) is back as an Ina Garten superfan on this episode of Smidgen to share some solid recipes, perfect for the home cook to try out. (Please note: this episode has several homework assignments, including making Overnight Mac & Cheese and Lemon Bars.)

Home cooks: If you are looking for approachable yet refined recipes that will please your family and guests alike this episode will get you on the right track. Host Anne’s passion for these recipes will inspire for a week’s worth of family meals—at least!

Recipes and Products Mentioned on the Episode

  • Read Anne’s new blog post all about Ina Garten here:
  • Take the class! Barefoot Contessa Inspirationone of Red Stick Spice Company’s MOST POPULAR classes! 
  • Try Sel Gris or Fleur de Sel to brighten your dishes
  • Interested in rimming a glass for a sip? Explore Red Stick Spice Company’s infused sugars.
  • Ina’s Overnight Mac & Cheese—a must-try: 
  • A take on Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad (yummy and a chance to try farro!): 
  • Anne shares the secret to CRISPY chicken in this Orzo and Crispy Chicken dish:
  • Are you intrigued? Lemon Bars with a salty shortbread to balance the sweet:

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Don’t forget to make Overnight Mac & Cheese and drop some Lemon Bars off for Anne to try (or at the very least, take pics and tag @redstickspice.) 

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