6 Food Trends for 2021 | Smidgen Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1

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Smidgen is back! The podcast of Red Stick Spice Company, hosted by Anne Milneck, kicks off Season 3 with a dive into some of the best (and most delicious) food trends of 2021. The prior year had people cooking—a lot—and now, this year, folks are getting specific about the brands used; high-quality, top of the line spices and ingredients; and adding fancy touches to go-to weekly dinners (standby for more on that in a moment!)

If you want to be ahead of the foodie curve, you’ll get introduced to all these amazing food trends. Big breakfasts are… well, BIG, with homemade, from scratch biscuits, bacon, and eggs (seasoned with French Herbs de Provence or Brunch Spice Blend.) Anne explains how Bannoffee jumped from the Great British Baking Show (in the form of Bannoffee pie) to cake balls, cupcakes, PANCAKES (!) and more. Mocktails, cocktails, and fancy drinks with humble foods are all happening (Anne is the originator of that last trend—y’all take it from here.)

Barramundi makes an appearance and the show closes out with all things Smashburger. For you to try at home, Anne walks you through a Smashburger paired with Anne’s twist on a French 75 cocktail. We’re glad to be back and can’t wait to hear what trends you jump on after this episode.

Mentioned on the show:

Get cooking! 


Strawberry Shrub Mocktail 

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Anne is waiting to hear how you are going to hashtag the trend of humble food with extravagant cocktails. Hit us up with what you are enjoying with your Smashburgers on any of the Red Stick Spice Co socials, including FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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