Five Cooking Resolutions

Hello, 2024! Are you ready to cook up a storm this year? Do you want to loveyour kitchen and your home cooking even more this year? On this episode of Smidgen, Anne Milneck—chef and proprietor of Red Stick Spice Company—has some practical resolutions that you can easily incorporate to your routines and are you ready for this? Are resolutions you can actually stick to.

What are cooking resolutions can I actually stick to?

Meal prep one thing each week (just one!); try a new recipe from a new cookbook every month; cook something in a wok; eat down the freezer strategically; explore fridge-friendly salads that can sub in as sides. Anne walks through each of these tips and explains how each idea can make life easier as you cook meals this year.

- Read Anne’s blog post with 5 cooking resolutions that will actually change and improve your home cooking:

- Did you hear Anne give a shout-out to Country Captain Chicken? Check out this vintage recipe that now is a Teaching Kitchen favorite. Yum!

- Can’t get enough of Kung Pao Chicken. A MUST-TRY:

- BTW the class which brought Kung Pao Chicken to Anne’s attention originated is Better Than Take-Out. You can take this class, too! More info here:

- Ready to wok? Matt from the Teaching Kitchen likes this one, Helen Chen Carbon Steel Wok:

- Attention duck hunters and duck hunters’ loved ones:

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