Brine Time Anytime

We’re taking on listener questions this season of Smidgen, and on this episode it’s all about BRINE. Wet brine? Dry brine? What proteins can be brined? Our question comes from Caroline and to answer, Red Stick Spice Company store owner and Smidgen hostAnne Milneck brings onRhonda and Danny Titus of Road Toad Smokin’ BBQ. Rhonda—known as the “Chicken Queen” is an award-winning griller and she shares her champion brining secrets on Smidgen. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly how to wet brine a variety of proteins (plus get some extra tips for spatchcocking chicken.) You’ll know about early salting and dry brining andyou’re going to want to try them all!

Mentioned on the show:

We hope this episode inspires you to try brining—both wet and dry—as a way to reinvent some of your favorite dishes. Follow Red Stick Spice Co socials, including FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

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Anne Milneck | Red Stick Spice Company 

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