Any peek into foodie social media during quarantine has revealed pictures of beautiful loaves of bread, tales of sourdough, and beautiful cakes and cookies (still warm from the oven.) Everybody is baking! Anne Milneck, intrepid host of Smidgen and owner of Red Stick Spice Company is… how to say it… not an avid baker (she even claims FOF—fear of flour.) That’s why on this special bonus episode of Smidgen, Anne talks with Sarah Joy Hays, baker and proprietor of Counterspace bakery in Baton Rouge. Listen to this episode to learn what bread recipe you could bake today; what resources will help you become a sourdough superstar; Sarah Joy’s must-have piece of equipment for baking; and Sarah Joy’s top tip for becoming a better cake and cookie maker.

Mentioned on the show:

Sarah Joy drops a lot of resources on the episode including…

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