“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?” -Peter Pan

I’ve always loved the story of Peter Pan. I remember sitting in the Saenger theater with my Aunt Cherie in the 80’s and watching actress Sandy Duncan, cast as Peter, cinched into a zipline harness, fly overhead. I imagined being one of the pajama-clad children, off in Neverland befriending fairies and taking on pirates and a crocodile. Just like the Darling family, I never wanted to grow up. Oh, and I really wanted to fly.

Early in our planning process, I chose Peter Pan’s quote for the wall of SoGo Tea Bar and had local artist Ellen Ogden paint it on the wall. The mural was up way before I did any of the other grown-up things that are required when building out a space – things like hire a contractor or choose equipment. That mural is the equivalent of me in Neverland, consumed in a never-grow-up moment before the adult responsibilities of construction demolition, debris and delays.

What seemed like a cart-before-the-horse decision actually proved to be our guiding light during the process. Tinkerbell sprinkling pixie dust to light the way, if you will. As we worked toward opening, we were constantly reminded of where we were headed – our brand was clearly painted, big and bold, right there on the wall. 

Peter Pan asks a good question, and our answer is always the same: Tea First, Then Adventure. Stop by, grab a tea. Sit for a spell or take it to go. Then get out there. Explore all the great places in spaces in our beautiful community. Spread some pixie dust. And if you can, fly! 





Anne Milneck, Chef & Food Stylist
Matthew Stansbury, Chef & Food Stylist
Lili Courtney, Cook & Food Stylist 
Raegan Labat, Photographer
Erin Waite, Editor 
Chelsey Blankenship, Co-Editor

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