Outfit Your Home Cocktail Bar

Mixology eluded me for a long time. It felt complicated, and I was intimidated by the world of spirits. As I experimented with cocktails - many of which use our line of teas - I felt more comfortable. I realized mixology and cooking were similar persuits with lots of trial and error. The more I mixed, the more I realized how much fun it is! And I started building my cocktail bar. Check out these Home Cocktail Bar essentials. Perfect for the mixologist in your life.

Our Clink jars are so much fun. Add neutral spirits, tuck in the fridge and you've got infused booze. Choose from Citrus Ginger Crush, Papaya Berry Smash and Go Go Gin.

From our Bar Boards from local artisan Bobby McCarley to Microplane Zesters, having a few key tools in your bar will have you mixing like a pro. Other tools I love having in my tool chest are our Citrus Juicers for oranges, lemons and limes. The ForLife Flask Iced Tea Jug for holding big batches of Sangria and Rum Punch!

Get to Muddling...
Belly up to the bar with our local honey and sweeteners. Be sure to check out Basic Bee Honey Cubes, Mojito Honey Cubes and Sazerac Honey Cubes. Add in more sweetness with our line of Infused Sugars - Hibiscus Sugar and Lavender Sugar are favorites of local mixologists. Salts can also bring tons of flavor to your favorite drinks - margaritas, anyone? Our Infused Salts will definitely get you there! 

Go Beyond the Basics...
Take your cocktails all sorts of directions. Kick up the heat with Primo's Peppers Swampadelic Hot Sauce or this completely intriguing Hot Honey. Pickled Beetsare here for your brunchtime Bloody Mary. And don't forget tea! Browse our lines of infused and Single Origin Teas for creating your next line of specialty cocktails. Need inspiration? Check our my IGTV channel for lots of tea videos!

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